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Why Clean Extract Systems?

Why Clean Kitchen Extract Systems?

11099719_936531879719854_6000367265874241611_nTo maintain high standards of hygiene no doubt you’ve strict cleaning schedules in place, which should also contribute to meeting Health & Fire safety standards.

Is your kitchen extract system included in the cleaning schedule?
If not here are some of the potential risks to your business.


Due to the busy nature of today’s commercial kitchens, filters alone are not enough to catch all the grease and fatty vapours created when cooking.
If this grease continues to build up without being removed it will become a serious fire hazard. The ductwork in a kitchen is like the veins of your building, if there was a fire it would spread through the entire premises at an alarming rate.


As kitchen extract systems carry a potential fire risk insurance companies demand that your system is cleaned out on a regular basis by trained professionals. They will require a valid certificate to prove your system has been maintained correctly. Failing to comply with your insurance terms could lead to your policy being invalid.

Environmental Health:

Hygiene standards are very important in commercial kitchens this is why Environmental Health Inspectors carry out spot checks to ensure businesses are being compliant. Kitchen extract systems are equally important when it comes to hygiene. If your system is not maintained and starts to leak grease and fatty deposits, this can be seen as a potential health risk. This build up of grease is a breeding ground for bacteria and pests. All of these factors could result in your premises being shut down. This could lead to a massive loss of earnings and a ruined reputation.

Maintenance and Care:

The fan is the most important part of your kitchen extract system. When grease and fatty deposits build up around the fan it can put unnecessary stress on the motor, this could lead to the motor burning out. Resulting in downtime to your business and costly fees whilst repair work is being carried out.

All of these issues can simply be avoided by having ConAir Extract Solutions Ltd clean your kitchen extract system on a regular basis.